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Why I Make Art.

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

It was November 2014. It was probably Thanksgiving day now that I think about it. Me and some of my extended family had finished the feast and it was time to celebrate the November birthdays. My cousin in law gifted me some jars, painted like day of the dead skulls.

She knew how much I loved the holiday and how I collected such skulls. These jars, for whatever reason, peaked my interest. What a novel idea, painted jars. I started painting my own jars and posting them to Facebook. Oddly enough these jars were a hit and I soon had people far and wide wanting to buy them!

Painted jars were all well and good, but now, I wanted to see if I could translate my jar painting skills to canvas, so I did. My canvas paintings too were a big hit and I was selling my art internationally. From that point on I dove head first into the art world, going to shows, meeting other artists, taking classes and joining galleries.

Art has become a huge part of my life, and is probably the reason why I went back to school to study graphic design. I've wondered, on occasion, what direction my life would have gone had my cousin in law never given me those jars. Would something else have inspired me to do art, or would I have developed a different talent altogether? I guess I'll never know. Still, I've enjoyed the ride thus far.

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